Duarte Field Trip

Escalon Farmington Community Garden Club members enjoyed a tour of Duarte Nursery in Hughson, on November 11th, 2019.  From early November to December, Duarte offers tours of their new state-of-the art poinsettia greenhouses, where they offer over 30 varieties displayed in a sea of 60,000 poinsettias.


EFCGC members learned growing and care tips, such as watering poinsettias by putting ice cubes on the soil to let the ice gradually moisten the soil.  Poinsettias like bright light and a cool location away from heat sources.  Also, it’s normal if you see small yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant- these are old, spent leaves that can be removed.


Garden clubs are required by state and national garden club guidelines to arrange for a minimum of two field trips per year.  We appreciate Duarte opening up their greenhouses to the public.  The next EFCGC next field trip will be to Poot’s Succulents in March 2020.