Duarte Field Trip

Escalon Farmington Community Garden Club members enjoyed a tour of Duarte Nursery in Hughson, on November 11th, 2019.  From early November to December, Duarte offers tours of their new state-of-the art poinsettia greenhouses, where they offer over 30 varieties displayed in a sea of 60,000 poinsettias.


EFCGC members learned growing and care tips, such as watering poinsettias by putting ice cubes on the soil to let the ice gradually moisten the soil.  Poinsettias like bright light and a cool location away from heat sources.  Also, it’s normal if you see small yellow leaves at the bottom of the plant- these are old, spent leaves that can be removed.


Garden clubs are required by state and national garden club guidelines to arrange for a minimum of two field trips per year.  We appreciate Duarte opening up their greenhouses to the public.  The next EFCGC next field trip will be to Poot’s Succulents in March 2020.

Rose Seminar a Hit with Rose Fans

Led by Master Gardener and Rosarian Linda Hoover, a group of Escalon Farmington Community Garden members enjoyed perfect weather, gorgeous roses and helpful instruction on how to care for roses.  The free 2-hour hands-on seminar brought out a lot of useful information, such as:   You should have your tetanus shots up to date if you’re working around roses, because a skin-pricking incident could develop into tetanus due to contact with soil and animal waste.  Tetanus is caused by the Clostridium tetani bacteria commonly found in soil.

For that reason, Hoover (whose husband is descended from President Herbert Hoover and  J. Edgar Hoover) recommends forearm-protecting rose gloves. She said she is partial to Sonic brand gauntlet gloves, because they have special qualities that help people with arthritis in their fingers and hands.

Club members dead-headed roses and cleaned up under the rose bushes, according to Hoover’s instruction.  She likes what mulch does for rose plants, but cautioned to keep mulch 6 inches from the base of the plant, and to remove debris. We also learned that the best time to prune roses is January 1 through February 14th, and we’ve invited Hoover back to instruct us on winter pruning during those months.

After the October 8th seminar, members were treated to tea under the roses and a gift of rose-colored glasses.  And Van Allen School was treated to a glorious rose garden, with rose trees and bushes freshly dead-headed and spruced up.  Thanks to all who made it a very rosy day, indeed.

Master Gardener and Rosarian Linda Hoover is wearing yellow, the rest of us are wearing rose-colored glasses.  😉
Tea in the Van Allen School Rose Garden

October 3rd Meeting

The Escalon Farmington Community Garden Club was treated to an informative and highly-interactive presentation about growing herbs by Master Gardeners Jody Lacey and Pegi Palmes. Aromatic freshly-picked herbs were passed around to members to enjoy during the meeting, then a special tasting was offered after the meeting.  It was a delicious learning experience!

We also had gorgeous pumpkins for sale (grown Master Gardener Debbie Moore); along with eye-catching pumpkin-themed baked goods (donated by those incredible baking goddesses!); and spectacular pumpkin garden arrangements, and magical fairy gardens. You really should have been there!  😉 Thank you to all who made it so much fun, and supportive of our scholarship program!

Master Gardeners Debbie Moore, Jody Lacey, and and Pegi Palmes

Excess fruit and vegetable exchange- in Escalon!

Now that you’ve grown 80 zucchini- what do you do with them?  CARE connects Escalon and Farmington neighbors with volunteers so that fresh home-grown fruit and vegetables can be shared, not thrown away.  

EFCGC Co-president Olga Posomostithis stopped by the C.A.R.E. Food Bank office in downtown Escalon to drop off gorgeous fruit and vegetables that were ready for harvest at the Van Allen Elementary School garden.  Community Action Resources of Escalon (CARE) accepts fresh home-grown produce in season- throughout the year. CARE personnel ask that you do not leave your donations outside their building, but instead, phone ahead to 209-417-2048, and arrange for a staff member to meet you at their office, located at 1531 2nd Street, across from the Escalon library.

Each week, about 15-20 volunteers work in various food distribution programs to help Escalon and Farmington individuals/families who need food (self-reporting of income is required).  One bag of food is provided free to each qualifying household. Currently, CARE is providing for over 100 local households. 

There is also a Senior Brown Bag program for people over 60 years of age on fixed incomes.  They can receive a bag of food at CARE, on the second and fourth Tuesdays, from 8-11am. The cost is $12 yearly, paid by recipients in November.   

Your abundance, and skill as a gardener, can help local families and seniors from all walks of life.  If you believe food is meant to be eaten, and not thrown away… CARE is perfect for you! If you’re one of the 1 in 3 people who are physically pained throwing away good food- take your overabundance to CARE.

Thank you!

Adeline/Olga – EFCGC co-presidents


1531 2nd Street, Escalon, CA  95320- diagonal from the Escalon library.

The Escalon Ministerial Association (EMA) serves as the administrative board responsible for the CARE program.

Phone:  (209) 417-2048 – to arrange for staff to accept your fruit/vegetable donation

Schedule of OPEN dates/hours for August 2019:

Thursday – 8-15-19 – 8am-11am

Wednesday – 8-21-19 – 8am-11am

Tuesday – 8-27-19 – 8am-11am

Wednesday – 8-28-19 – 9:30am-10:30am